How To Maintain The Cloth Furniture

Last time we said how to maintain the leather furniture, so that his life longer, this time, we talk about the solid cloth furniture..

The cloth chair after the purchase, first use the fabric protector of a jet, to protect the cloth chair. Usual maintenance available dry towel flapping, vacuum at least once a week, with particular attention to the removal of dust. The structure of fabric surface stained with dirt, wipe or fabric cleaning agent according to instructions using a clean cloth dampened with water from the outside to the inside. Should avoid to take the sweat, water stains and dust and sit on the sofa. Suggest you cloth chair cushion, most of the lining are divided into hand washing and washing machine, furniture should be identified, because some of them may have special requirements such as washing. Found loose head off, do not hand it snapped, apply neatly scissors to cut flat. All the cloth should be cleaned with dry clean, do not wash, do not bleach.